Osseointegration- A Review - IOSR Journal

The success greatly depends on adequate integration of these implants within the bone. This bone-implant integration is known as osseointegration. The science ...

Osseointegration- A Review - IOSR Journal - Dokumen Terkait

Osseointegration- A Review - IOSR Journal


The success greatly depends on adequate integration of these implants within the bone. This bone-implant integration is known as osseointegration. The science ...

Osseointegration of bone implants: A review of an alternative mode ...


Resistance to both of these stress types is found with the osseointegrated implant according to Steinemann. Figure 2. A solid, square-headed c.p. titanium screw ...

TLM - IOSR Journal


Burhanuddin, and SMK Kamunting. There are about 4-5 members in a CLM group each. 2.2 Research Hypotheses. H1: Learning Model (LM) influences the ...

Eusm - IOSR Journal


91 respondents selected from three schools – SMK Bukit Jana, SMK Kamunting and SMK Klian Pauh,. Larut Matang & Selama, Perak. They were 16 years old, ...

Physiology of Respiration - IOSR Journal


Respiration. Humans need a continuous supply of oxygen for cellular respiration and they must get rid of excess carbon dioxide, the poisonous waste product of ...

on the Mosquito's Larvae - IOSR Journal


Betta pugnax (ikan Karin) and Betta anabatoides (ikan Sepilai) are native to Peninsular Malaysia [8]. Betta pugnax are normally found in the northern region of ...

Magical Realism in Urumi - IOSR Journal


6 Apr 2019 ... It is Santosh Sivan who filmed the story of Kelu Nair who had kept with him a golden Urumi to kill. Vasco De Gama under the title „Urumis.

Pornography Criminal Act on Pictures under the Law ... - IOSR Journal


31 Oct 2017 ... ABSTRACT: Pornography on images of all shapes and modes related to drawings, sketches, illustrations, photographs, writings, sounds, voice, ...

A Comparison of Child Protection Law between ... - IOSR Journal


This paper concludes that in Malaysia child protection law has been fully synthesised in Children Act of 2001 (Act 611), while in Indonesia child protection law is ...

Children First Language Acquisition At Age 1-3 ... - IOSR Journal


And the approaches in first language acquisition are cooing, holophrastic, telegraphic and multiword stage. Finally, parents' role is important to develop the.

Epicuticular wax concentration on Syzygium ... - IOSR Journal


1 Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak ... is considered as suburban area while Site 5 (St Anthony Church) in located ... Sekolah Kebangsaan Asykirin and Vocational Bintulu is near to the ...

Inspiring Songs on Women Empowerment by ... - IOSR Journal


Working for women's causes through inspiring poems and songs ... In Bharathiyar's Panchali Sapatham, Bharatireimages the pivotal Game of Dice incident in ...

An Experimental Study of Flexural Strength of ... - IOSR Journal


Naga Chaitanya Ca, Vamsi Krishna Bb a. Research Scholar (M-Tech), Malla ... from steel bars embedded in aged concrete. An attempt has been made in this ...

The Implementation of Industrialized Building System ... - IOSR Journal


Abstract:Industrialized Building System (IBS) is the new method of constructing building in the construction industry as a solution to improve construction image ...

Academic Supervision Evaluation of School ... - IOSR Journal


16 Nov 2017 ... Academic Supervision Evaluation of School Supervisor Toward. Productive Teacher At SMKN 1 Air Putih District Batu Bara. R. Ade Safari Pane.

A Note on the Incest Taboo: The Case of the ... - IOSR Journal


Keywords: Incest, Exogamy, Incest Taboo, Marriage, Khasi. I. INTRODUCTION. The study of Kinship has been a much researched area in sociological and social ...

The Notion of Mahdiyyah in the Thought of Mahdi Ibn ... - IOSR Journal


26 Jul 2017 ... Corresponding Author: Dr. Abba Idris Adam ... thought of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Ibn Tumart) in his struggle to establish Almohad dynasty.

a study on recruitment & selection process wth ... - IOSR Journal


employees and attracting them to apply for jobs in an organization. selection is the process of finding out ... The difference between recruitment and selection:.

A comparative study of Recruitment & Selection ... - IOSR Journal


Definition. To select mean to choose. Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organisation. The basic ...

Use of Customer Satisfaction in Total Quality ... - IOSR Journal


12 Jul 2018 ... national car proton saga in its own plant, Malaysia has gained a lot of recognition ... Perodua included viva, alza, myvi, axia and bezza etc. ... customer can be gained when product or service quality meet their expectation.

Implementing Workload Indicators of Staffing Need ... - IOSR Journal


7 Dec 2017 ... Abstract: Several African countries have adopted Workload indicators of staffing need (WISN) for health workforce planning and management ...

Development Of Android Application-Based ... - IOSR Journal


16 Oct 2018 ... Company Services Of Smk-Bm Level ... Android application development as one of the accounting learning media at the SMK-BM level needs.

Voluntary Submission To Jinayat Law In Aceh - IOSR Journal


28 Jul 2018 ... e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. ... regarding Jinayat Law (Islamic penal rules) determine the implementation of Jinayat law in Aceh ...

Marriage among Hindus with Special reference to ... - IOSR Journal


Hindu marriage can be defined as a religious sacrament in which a man and woman ... marriage is inferior to the first three because the bride is not a free gift but a ... Horoscope Matching: - The first important ritual is the matching of horoscope of ... mercantile caste in South India, acknowledge the stridhan to an extent, not ...

Ahlul Bait in Al-Qur'an Prespective: Viewed from ... - IOSR Journal


13 Nov 2017 ... Abstract: Ahlul Bait (host), has become the subject of both classical and modern mufassir. The discussion becomes interesting because ...

Implementation of Partograph in Monitoring of Active ... - IOSR Journal


13 May 2019 ... 2) Determination of the incidence of labour dysfunction ... 16 mothers had primary dysfunctional labour, 10 had secondary arrest of labour.

Murabahah Implementation in Islamic Bank - IOSR Journal


13 Sep 2017 ... regarding transactions in the bank Muamalat, a phrase meaning Murabaha implementation phenomena expressed freely by the informant as a ...

Physiological Variations in Bleeding Time Among ... - IOSR Journal


physiological factors that result in varied bleeding time. I. Introduction. Bleeding time (BT) can be defined as the time interval between the movement when ...

Islamic Management Perspective Of Human And ... - IOSR Journal


benefits of Islamic management principles and theories above other theories of management of human and material resources. Keywords: Islamic Management ...

1 How to Write a Review of a Scholarly Article A Review of a journal ...


A Review of a journal article examines a scholarly article's strengths and weaknesses in terms of what the article is attempting to accomplish. Your review should ...

Scope of Case Tools for Managing Distributed ... - IOSR Journal


This chapter is organized to provide the motivation for using different CASE tools through the entire distributed software development process, ranging from user ...

Services Marketing Theory Revisited: An Empirical ... - IOSR Journal


The data has been collected through structured questionnaire administered among 877 managers of financial service firms which is regarded as one of the pure ...

The Role of Building Construction Project Team ... - IOSR Journal


understanding for all the parties involved in the building project delivery in Nigeria, in other to encourage the achievement of stakeholders objectives.

Role of Co-Curricular Activities & Higher Education - IOSR Journal


Abstract: This paper focuses on the importance of co-curricular activities as a part of women empowerment ... Topical writing Essay / quiz/ write up contest ... Benefits of communication-Besides participation in co-curricular activities support the ...

Design of automatic strapping machine of express ... - IOSR Journal


In order to verify the effectiveness of the designed automatic strapping machine of express box for Tabobao sellers, an experiment is executed. Figs.9 (a)-(h) ...

The Context of Video Game in Social-Culture ... - IOSR Journal


4 Nov 2017 ... Playstation 2 game at Mrs. Ginten's home only opens on Sunday because ... The rules in the game usually should not cheat for example playing ... he feels happy, proud and has a chance to bully his opponent, and if he loses ...

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