Hyperpartisan Sports Media in Trump's America ... - SAGE Journals

synonymous with the heightened profile of the Breitbart News website, a purveyor of hyperpartisan, conservative political ideologies. In this article, we consider ...

Hyperpartisan Sports Media in Trump's America ... - SAGE Journals - Dokumen Terkait

Hyperpartisan Sports Media in Trump's America ... - SAGE Journals


synonymous with the heightened profile of the Breitbart News website, a purveyor of hyperpartisan, conservative political ideologies. In this article, we consider ...

Hyperpartisan news: Rethinking the media for ... - SAGE Journals


Hyperpartisan news: Rethinking the media for populist politics. Maria Rae. Deakin University, Australia. Abstract. Online media sites such as Breitbart News in ...

Water Pollution - SAGE Journals - Sage Publications


agricultural and industrial wastes are three main sources of river pollution in Malaysia. This article also identified several challenges fronting as rural water ...

JMES - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications


The Institution of Mechanical Engineering (IMechE) was founded in 1847 and the first issue of the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (JMES) was pub-.

NetWork-Media Computer table. - VS America


NetWork-Media d = 27⅝, Total d = 33½. 21416. 21417. 21418. 21419. 21420 d = 31½, Total d = 37⅜. 21411. 21412. 21413. 21414. 21415. 21489. 21490. 21491.

Introduction - SAGE Journals


dox Sikh father, who disowns him because he cuts his long hair. Marrying an Anglo- ... cope with her autistic son Rahul and teenage daughter Lavi. The difficulties ... Sonia Gandhi was monitoring Manmohan Singh's decisions. Strictly Personal ...

NeuroAiD - SAGE Journals


Research. Durability of the beneficial effect of. MLC601 (NeuroAiD. TM. ) on functional recovery among stroke patients from the Philippines in the CHIMES and.

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Nancy L. Leech1, Carolyn A. Haug1, and Margarita Bianco1. Abstract. The Factors Influencing Teaching Choice (FIT-Choice) scale was completed by 86 high ...

Flowers - SAGE Journals


[I]t was the flower that first ushered the idea of beauty into the world the moment, long ... stimulus rather than the response to the delivery people. The coder noted ...

IGSS - SAGE Journals


(IGSS) for the detection of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections of small intestine originating from ...

Comparative Analysis - SAGE Journals


Journal of Politics, 19 (August 1957), 369-90; Sigmund Neumann, "The Comparative Study of Politics," Comparative Studies in Society and History, 1 (January ...

of Streptococcus Suis - SAGE Journals


One of the diseased pigs had meningitis and 1 had septicemia, and the last 2 were aborted fetuses. The 2-month-old Holstein calf was affected with a cerebral.

The Flixborough Disaster - SAGE Journals


Roy Goulding, was in the chair. THE FLIXBOROUGH DISASTER. Alan Usher, MB BS FRCPath DMJ. Professor ofForensic Pathology, University ofSheffield.

Why Do Songs Have Words? - SAGE Journals


Many lyrics are merely a repetition of the same words in a different order and almost always with ... Love and romance, the central pop themes, are the 'sentimental. 82 ... Winner once put it, can 'set words and the world spinning in a perpetual ...

Disaster Porn! - SAGE Journals


Once at the airport, his plane takes off just as the entire runway implodes ... was mixed at best, and the film was labeled disaster porn. E! Online remarked that ...

The press under Aquino - SAGE Journals


The Manila Times was the most prestigious and largest- circulation daily in the Philippines when. Marcos closed it on the declaration of martial law in 1972. Its ...

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Patriarch - SAGE Journals


understand masculine performances in romantic relationships and to do so using Steve Harvey's book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man as a point of reference.

Interrogating CGPA - SAGE Journals


Keywords. CGPA, CGPS, evaluation, GPA, grades, percentage, weighted percentage ... converting back cumulative grade point average (CGPA) into equivalent ...

Communist conspirators - SAGE Journals


Singapore government, is Tan Wah Piow, who is studying law at Oxford University. On 21 May 1987 the Singapore authorities arrested sixteen persons under ...

Rampant Caries - SAGE Journals


5 Oct 2005 ... KEY WORDS: caries risk assessment, decay prevention, dental caries, fluoride, rampant decay. INTRODUCTION. Dental caries (cavities) in the ...

Glucagon Kits - SAGE Journals



The calcar femorale - SAGE Journals


calcar femorale, hip anatomy, hip calcar, hip forces, internal structures of upper femur, orthopaedic calcar. Date received: 23 August 2018; Received revised 02 ...

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and the ... - SAGE Journals


to research in health psychology generally, and to the new genetics in particular. Keywords interpretative phenomenological analysis, new genetics, qualitative.

Meaning and the Measuring Apparatus - SAGE Journals


Determinate objects emerge through specific intra-actions, open-ended material discur- sive practices, or apparatuses, including both the material and the ...

Cyberbullying among youth: A comprehensive ... - SAGE Journals


In this article we review the current international literature published in English, with particular attention to the following themes: The relationship of cyberbullying to ...

Metonymy in the Book of Psalms - SAGE Journals


A commonly used biblical example of this relationship is when the word "heaven" is used to refer to God. One meaning of "heaven" is "the place where God lives",.

Visceral Larva Migrans in the Dog - SAGE Journals


Visceral larva migrans, a syndrome of inflammatory processes incited by nematodal larvae and scattered through various body organs, has been reported in ...

The reception of English law in Malaysia and ... - SAGE Journals


English law, which includes the common law, rules of equity and legislation, is the predominant source of the Malaysian law. It remains the source and one of the ...

Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Pathophysiology ... - SAGE Journals


treatment of DKA to care for this increasing diabetic population. We discuss the pathophysiology of diabetic ketoacidosis, its management, and its complications.

Muscle Dysmorphia and the Perception of Men's ... - SAGE Journals


study examining the male models in Playgirl magazine noticed that the bodies ... bodies portrayed in those magazines had become dramat- ically more lean and ...

Photokeratitis and Other Phototoxic Effects on the ... - SAGE Journals


The initial in vivo (clinical) signs of photokeratitis are due to lost or damaged epithelial cells with other signs produced by this primary response. The conjunctival ...

A Complex View of Industry 4.0 - SAGE Journals


The period of the fourth industrial revolution will be marked by the full automation and digitization processes, and the use of electronics and information ...

Giving away one's poverty. On the consumption of ... - SAGE Journals


Mom: They see that publicity and ask me: 'buy a present, no mama?' I say: 'yes, yes, we will buy a present over there'. (. . .) I must say, the kids have too much, in ...

Varieties of Slow Learners - SAGE Journals


ways of learning and anyone may be a slow learner in some areas yet rapid in others. The old rhyme says: "One could whistle, and one could sing, and the other ...

Book reviews : Look Me in The Eye: Old Women ... - SAGE Journals


older women, I have been trying to unravel the reasons for this invisibility. This book has some of the answers. LookMe in The Eye contains seven essays and ...

The Business Strategy Game - SAGE Journals


Wolfe (1993) suggested, however, that the diffusion of business games in the. United States is in the mature stage of its life cycle. With respect to use of strategic ...

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