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The subject of this thesis is a Yankton Dakota Sioux woman named Ella Cara ... life as a middle figure between a world of Dakota traditionalism and a modern academic ... eye, will soon spot and label them as polygamy, endogamy, amitate, tort, ... Standing Rock in the late 1880s proved to be a very challenging place for the.

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ELLA DELORIA - UNL Digital Commons - University of Nebraska ...


The subject of this thesis is a Yankton Dakota Sioux woman named Ella Cara ... life as a middle figure between a world of Dakota traditionalism and a modern academic ... eye, will soon spot and label them as polygamy, endogamy, amitate, tort, ... Standing Rock in the late 1880s proved to be a very challenging place for the.

Ella Deloria - UND Scholarly Commons - University of North Dakota


Copies of the letters between Ella Deloria and Franz Boas were provided by the ... near Wakpala, South Dakota~ on the Standing Rock Reservation. Reverend ... It is simply a transfer of the name for one's helper in the Spirit World, one's mentor, ... with my eyes and saw only my fellow man to do him good, now I know how to ...

5MinuteConsult - Chapman University Digital Commons


inclusion in Library Articles and Research by an authorized administrator of Chapman ... patient handouts from Lexicomp; ... related ICD and SNOMED codes.

Strategic Audit of Adidas - UNL Digital Commons - University of ...


11 Apr 2019 ... With this information as a background, this paper then discusses potential new strategies for adidas, ultimately deciding that obtaining a larger.

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when the net force acting on a particle, often called the restoring force, is directly proportional to the particle's displacement from its equilibrium position; this is known as ... Newton's second law for simple harmonic motion, x = A cos(wt e) (instead of e you may ... reading it should help to clarify angular frequency. Example: ...

Adidas: A Strategic Audit - UNL Digital Commons - University of ...


7 Apr 2019 ... Adidas is a leader of today's sportswear industry with its core competencies being footwear and apparel. ... Company Background. Adidas was ...

Soran Bushi - Digital Commons @ Butler University


SORAN BUSHI. Fishermen's Song from Hokkaido. For Three-Part Treble Voices, a cappella. 3. Japanese Folk Song. Arranged by. Wendy B. Stuart. Slowly, ad ...

Batik of Java: Global Inspiration - UNL Digital Commons - University ...


Javanese batik inspired contemporary African prints in several ways: by the use of the resist- dyeing technique, the introduction of the principles of spatial ...

Gender on the Line - Osgoode Digital Commons - York University


workers, in Canada, and provide a preliminary description of the call centre industry, which ... I would never do and applied for a telemarketing job, which I got.

Carlos Castaneda in - Digital Commons @ Butler - Butler University


Journeys to Others and Lessons of Self: Carlos Castaneda in. Camposcape. Ageeth Sluis. Butler University, [email protected] Follow this and additional works ...

Possibilities in Post-Digital Architecture - UNL Digital Commons


5 May 2017 ... Post-Digital architectural collage is curated in a similar stylistic manner to late twentieth century collage. Many of the collages done by Mies van ...

How to Create an Effective Brochure - University of Nebraska–Lincoln


A brochure is an informational pamphlet or leaflet ad- vertising an organization, business, event, product, or service. Brochures are a great way to package ...

Hannibal Research Resources - University of Nebraska-Kearney


5 days ago ... The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western Europe, 1944-1945 (Volume Three of The. Liberation ... Metro Books/Sterling. 1770. ... Hannibal Redux: The Revival of Modern Tunisia. ... Komplett Trainer: Deutsch 5 (Gymnasium).

Menu Engineering - FIU Digital Commons


Menu engineering is a methodology to classify menu items by their contribution margin and popularity. The process discounts the importance of food cost ...

Be Careful What You Wish For - Digital Commons @ Humboldt State ...


24 Oct 2019 ... information, please contact [email protected] ... Dusel, Jaida (2019) "Be Careful What You Wish For," Celebrating Writers ... for; a warm, salty tear dove down my cheek onto my gray shirt (at ... I felt my heart drop to.

X-Men, Dragon Age, and Religion - Digital [email protected] ...


Typhoid Mary. (Mary Alice. Walker). Villian Marvel 1988 Christian. No Defining 136. Marlo Chandler Other Marvel 1988 Christian. No Incidental 135. Trickster.

Rights of the Usufructuary - LSU Law Digital Commons - Louisiana ...


comprehensively with the rights of the usufructuary, i.e., his enjoyment of the property subject to usufruct and his legal powers vis-a-vis the naked owner and ...

Functions of Liminality in Literature - LSU Digital Commons


term derived from the Latin word limen meaning threshold, is the condition of ... liminality borrowed from van Gennep into a highly defined but ever expanding ...

Using Prezi as a Library Instruction Tool - Digital Commons ...


This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Digital Commons ... allows the user to download presentation at any time, which ensures a successful.

Simple Statements, Large Numbers - UNL Digital Commons


million” but it is also the specific solution to the question “how many ways are there to ... even a trillion universes; so even if you wrote a zero on every atom in the ...

Fonts, Typefaces, and IP Protection - Digital Commons @ Georgia Law


60 See, e.g., End User License Agreements (EULAs), THE FONT SHOP, http://www.fontshop.com/lic enses/fontfont/ (last visited Apr. 16, 2014); Adobe, Font ...

Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Table: 0 to 360 ... - UNL Digital Commons


[email protected] of Nebraska - Lincoln. Royster, Paul, "Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Table: 0 to 360 degrees" (2017). Math Department: Class Notes ...

The Usability of OPAC Interface Features - UNL Digital Commons


The Usability of OPAC Interface Features: The Perspective of. Postgraduate Students at International Islamic University. Malaysia (IIUM). Mboni Ruzegea.

Impact of Smartphones on Young Generation - UNL Digital Commons


10 Apr 2019 ... Smartphones, Young Generation, Teens, Mobile phones, Social ... Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in our daily lives.

Gender Sexualization in Digital Games - USF Scholar Commons


10 Oct 2018 ... Exploring Female Character Changes in Tomb Raider by ... October 17, 2018 ... Lara Croft as a heroine emerged in a male-dominated internet ...

The George-Anne - Digital [email protected] Southern


Hams are welcomed to the GSC Howell. ... Mailing address: GSC Box 8001, Statesboro, Ga. 30460. A day in ... Showtimes 7:00 & 9:00 Admission $3.50 adults'.

Photography and Creativity - Digital Commons at Buffalo State


Candid photography with Phyllis. Photographed by Aaron Agyapong. www.Vsco.co/mycreativeportfolio. Figure 7 exemplifies my creativity. I started by saying ...

Psychological biases affect hedonic ratings - LSU Digital Commons


Direct and indirect hedonic scaling methods: A comparison of the labeled affective magnitude (LAM) scale and best-worst scaling. Food Quality and. Preference ...

The Dark Knight Returns - Digital Commons @ Gardner-Webb ...


Batman responds to the latter three of these events, the only ones taking place after his rebirth, and stops them before the perpetrators can accomplish their ...

Alumni News, 1993 April - Daemen Digital Commons


Danuta Lachowski Kaskey. Marlene Rowe Kicklighter. Marilyn Kielbasa ... Alumni. Ronald Kubiak. Douglas Kulp. Keith Kurtz. Barbara Kuzina. Mary Laslo.

Flower Symbolism as Female Sexual Metaphor - Digital Commons ...


a survey of the historical, mythological, and artistic uses of flower symbolism, commenting also about ... roots, skins, walls, yellow, flowers, streams…”162 Snyder ...

Descriptive study of Korean e-mail discourse - LSU Digital Commons


defined as a pragmatic tool in Koreans' use of language that is often used towards a [ power] person by a [−power] ... The opposite meaning is banmal which.

Modern Surgery - Chapter 34. Bandages - Jefferson Digital Commons


A roller bandage is divided into the initial end, which is within the roll, the body or rolled part, and the terminal end, which is free. In applying a bandage the outer ...

G95-1243 Ventilation Fans: Types and Sizes - UNL Digital Commons


Fan Types. ○ Fan Sizes. ○ Summary. Two general types of ventilation fans are commonly used for agricultural applications. Each type has many different blade ...

Hurt - USF Scholar Commons - University of South Florida


8 Mar 2018 ... Figure 2: Transition and B-Section Chord Progression . ... I read Johnny Cash's 2002 cover of Trent Reznor's “Hurt” on American IV: The Man.

Kingsman Article.pdf - Research Commons - University of Waikato


Both The Secret Service and Kingsman follow in and contribute to the ... priation of spy genre conventions, particularly those popularized in Bond films. ... can out-fight the entire congregation, personally killing at least forty members with a.

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