Ideas for a Study "On the Imagination of Tone" - jstor

significant role the imagination of tones and of tonal motion plays-a role it has ... or 5 of a major chord or as I, III or V of a minor chord, it is something essentially ...

Ideas for a Study "On the Imagination of Tone" - jstor - Dokumen Terkait

Ideas for a Study "On the Imagination of Tone" - jstor

significant role the imagination of tones and of tonal motion plays-a role it has ... or 5 of a major chord or as I, III or V of a minor chord, it is something essentially ...

"Cultural Scripts" and Communicative Style in Malay ("Bahasa ... - jstor

The proposed Malay cultural scripts are linked with the importance ... will of God (Allah) and offers its followers a complete system of guidance upon which to ...

gatsby's "good night" in chapter iii of "the great gatsby" - jstor

Gatsby stands on his steps bidding them 'good night' - the words, repeated ... editorial staff at Texas A&M wishes to remedy immediately any errors or omissions.

"chronos" and "kairos" - jstor

Third, kairos means a time when an opportunity for ac complishing some purpose has opened up as a result of the problem that led to the crisis. Thus kairos ...

"Independence Day": The American "Henry V" and the Myth of David

Finally, the film Independence Day echoes Shakespeare's demonstration in ... Flaumenhaft, Mera J. The Civic Spectacle: Essays on Drama and Community.

Retention by "Fast" and "Slow" Learners -

Then, the "fast" learners received the faster rate and the "slow" learners the slower rate. Their immediate recall scores served as the measure of original learning--- ...

How Long Has This Been Going On? "Harpers Bazaar,""Funny Face,"

loosely based on the success of fashion magazine. Harper's Bazaar, serves as a departure for rethinking the incorporation of modern European design in the ...


criticism and suggestions helped me to improve vastly the original form of this paper. I alone ... 528 (lyrics) the Chorus narrates how Deianira waited piteously (éXeivóv Porson: èXeeivóç codd.) ... myself, save me, take Atos on me, seeing that for mortals all things are ... substitutability', in B. T. S. Atkins and A. Zampolli (eds.) ...

"programmed" and "nonprogrammed" - Clute Journals

Decision-making is a process involving distinct and separable steps. A ... Programmed decisions are highly repetitive or routine decisions for which definite.


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a case study of the japanese anime series "the big o"

series The Big O. The thesis proposes that the story told in The Big O can be seen as a ... such as thriller, detective, adventure, philosophy, history, horror, comedy ... Themes of anime are frequently social, political subjects such as romance, ... series, stories of mecha-anime usually find a solution to make a society better.

Analisis Wacana Lirik Lagu "Ilmu Politik", "Lara Di Mana Mana", dan ...

lagu. Peneliti menemukan bahwa relasi kelas yang ada di dalam lirik lagu ... 2004). Lagu bukan hanya sekedar sarana hiburan, akan tetapi di dalam lirik- ... utama. Yang pertama secara sintagmatis yaitu, membaca/menafsirkan makna.

"oleum savininum": an early medieval synthesis of medical ... - jstor

and receptaria, and (3) stray prescriptions some of which were scribb on margins and blank spaces in manuscripts. Of these three classes materials, the first has ...

"Lines of Flight": Reterritorializing Asian American Film and ... - jstor

the 1990s, including Asia Carrera and Annabel Chong; and Asian prostitutes in gonzo sex tourist movies; and then she concludes with commentary about.

Hindu "Amman" Religion as a Post-Patriarchal Women's ... - jstor

plained my belief that the ancient Dravidian Amman religion of south ... the Goddess Durga responding to the appeals of the male deities to rescue the ... direct communication with the divine, on songs, and repetition of familiar ritu als.

A few notes on the "Anyam Gila" Basket Making at Tanjong ... - jstor

Once upon a time there was a goblin named Sang. Kelembai. He lived long ago and it was in his time that men-folk began to appear in the world. When he saw ...

Magic, "Shōjo", and Metamorphosis: Magical Girl Anime and ... - jstor

series (1979-present) as well as Bandais investment in magical girl anime, ... melodramatic romance to action comedy, with the heroines using magic, physical.

"Comment peut un muet prescher l'évangile?" Jesuit ... - jstor

by the Ratio Studiorum,8 was fairly uniform, no two missionaries in the field went ... code of regulations for officials and teachers in the Jesuit education system.

ishmael: time and personality in "moby-dick" - jstor

Recent criticism of Moby-Dick has directed attention to Ishmael as narrator, character, and consciousness. In The Long Encounter. Merlin Bowen's remarks on ...

"That Heavy Machine": Reprising the Colonial Apparatus in ... - jstor

be understood within this framework of a reprised colonial apparatus. ... elaborating, it is important to restate a key definition and assumption about colo?

Signs and Meaning in "Blow-Up": From Cortazar to Antonioni - jstor

1 "Blow-Up" is the English translation of "Las babas del diablo" by the noted Argentine short story writer Julio Cortazar. The Spanish title, literally "In the Devil's ...

Celebrations of Life: The "Gendhing Seblang" of Banyuwangi ... - jstor

Padha Nonton, Kembang Gadhung, Wuru Gadhung, Uga Uga, Ratu Sabrang, ... dressed in a kain ('batik cloth') and a colorful tight fitting jacket while a ba ... reference to the payung agung in the third line of the second verse is unclear. I.

The Symbolic Reality of Cortázar's "Las babas del diablo" - jstor

implications of "Las babas del diablo" go beyond what appears on the surface, for there are several levels of reality and meaning to be examined: the visible,.

Images of Drinking in "Woman Singing," Ceremony, and ... - jstor

Singing," Ceremony, and House Made of Dawn. Nicholas 0. ... seen to be the most effective agent in dissolving savage character" - the character that had to be ...

"MTV Aesthetics" at the Movies: Interrogating a Film Criticism ... - jstor

popular cable channels were introduced, in cluding HBO, ESPN, CNN, USA, TBS, BET, Bravo,. Nickelodeon, Showtime, and, finally, MTV. The rapid penetration ...

Rap in Indonesian Youth Music of the 1990s: "Globalization," - jstor

Elsewhere, Denada also struck a chord that echoes Eka's characterization of ... Dan biarkan, biarkan terbang sampai melayang jauh menembus awan. Sementara ... 20"Yang ngeluarin musik rap itu kan dulu orang kulit hitam. Mereka itu ... celana menjilat semuanya, ku terdorong jatuh terjerembab, ke dalam ruang yang.

"Syllables of Velvet": Dickinson, Rossetti, and the Rhetorics of ... - jstor

then implicitly invested with the power relation that specular metaphor and desire make explicit. The romantic lyric, then, with its concentrated plot of hetero-.

Giving Voice to the Crimean War: Tennyson's "Charge" and ... - jstor

9 Dec 2019 ... different voices": while "The Charge of the Light Brigade" deals impersonally ... So, to cite but one example, the floral imagery of Maud merges.

"Ganyang!" Indonesian Popular Songs from the Confrontation ... - jstor

Malaysia would be formed on 16 September 1963. This was the last straw for. Soekarno, who declared that Indonesia would ganyang Malaysia.2 By that time.

"Borne upon the Wings of Faith": The Chinese Odyssey of ... - jstor

serted that "the missionary in foreign parts seems to be the invisible ... 2 Representative works are Stuart Creighton Miller, The Unwelcome ... tual odyssey.

Kenneth Onwuka Dike, "Trade and Politics", and the ... - Jstor

History in Africa 27 (2000), 229-248. Page 2. 230 Ebere Nwaubani entitled "Trade and Politics in.

The "Nueva Canción" Movement and Its Mass-Mediated ... - jstor

1986). Despite the mass media performance context of nueva cancion, this music embodies more than commercial value for these musicians and critical Latin ...

"The Naming of Names" in Indian Folk Belief - jstor

naming of names", which had nothing to do with the Evil Eye or lucky and unlucky names, but ... year after the lady's death Zanabai had a baby girl, who was named Vari, an ... with the equally Sanskrit Chandra and its compounds, popular.

Future Management Theory: A "Comparative" Evolution to a ... - jstor

Management theory has been in a rapid ferment of evolution o past decade of time. But prior to the mid-1950s there was no uni developed and taught theory, ...

Inside and Outside "The Insider": A Film Workshop in Practical ... - jstor

the two ethical themes of the film are identified. Second, three models for ethical analysis are presented. The first model is about the domains of moral values ...

"East of the Sun and West of the Moon": Victorians and Fairy ... - jstor

Yeshiva University. Once upon a time, in a land east of the sun and west of the moon, there ... would be forced to accept the embraces of her captor. Whether the ...

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